A great advantage of Radionic treatment is that the client does not need to be present.  The distance between practitioner and client is irrelevant to the effect.  Treatment may be felt quite rapidly, but in the case of chronic conditions a longer time may be necessary.  Years of experience have proven that Radionics can improve a wide variety of conditions in all life.

Children and animals usually respond well and the procedure is the same for all.  The added benefit is that not only can we treat the symptoms but also we may be able to find a little more about the underlying cause.

In the first instance a case history form needs to be completed and returned.  After an initial analysis, treatments are then given throughout that month and thereafter during each monthly period. It is entirely the client’s decision as to how long they wish treatment to continue. During this time it is important for the client to contact their practitioner at least every seven to ten days or sooner if necessary.

All information is kept in strict confidence.  I am a member of The Radionic Association and one of the main objects of the Association is to maintain the highest standards of professional competence and integrity among its practising members.  Members are also required to observe a strict code of professional ethics.

Debra Robinson | Radionics Treatments

Radionic practitioners fully recognise and comply with the special competence of the medical profession.

If you would like to talk or enquire about any queries you may have please do not hesitate contact me either by e-mail of telephone.